Monday, 6 July 2015

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It was 27 Apr 15, far back in time, when we started our journey, have travelled about 6300 miles already away from home across four seas and five ports in five different countries and three different continents.
Seems like a lot of numbers …….
But many more are yet to come…..
Talking about numbers, all this on a small 54 meter ship …..
It seems that mother nature has been not very happy with us so far. We have been fighting with Winds, Seas and above all Time….
They say you will not know and time will fly by…. Well it seems true for us now…!!! Two months have already passed and it’s just the beginning …. we are not even half way there …..
Talking of half way mark …we are atleast on the imaginary center line of the earth, as we cross The Greenwich Meridian today, the meridian that defines time for most of us. We are going to pass it again in the coming months, four times to be precise …..again the numbers. I know some of us don’t even cross the state border in a lifetime.
Sunset is at 2122 hr today, giving us 15 hour between sunrise and sunset. As we cross into another time zone I realise that most of us spend our entire lives in GMT + 5:30. Like the Europeans, Day light saving is thus the call of the day.
Spectacular Sunset At Mediterrenean Sea With Stbd Lookout
It seems, by the end of this voyage we are all going to have so many numbers integrated in our memories and we will cherish this journey forever. And it is these events, numbers and adventures that motivate us to strive for more …..
            This passage through Mediterranean Sea will be the sixth for the ship. As the ship and the sea revive their old friendship they seem to be getting along quite well. We have been on a comfortable Broad Reach for the last two days and it is likely to continue.

Sailing Full And By

Every day here seems to bring new challenges for everyone of us and we are learning new lessons of life. Even  the Old Man has drawn out a long list of QRs from each one of us, just to ensure ,…… and I quote, “By The End Of This Voyage We Go Back Better Men - Both Professionally And Personally”.  

EXO, EO, GO And Self And Our Makeshift Gym
The list of things that one learns from life at sea can be exhaustive…. For instance …. The importance of silence and peace, learning to leave the paltry pleasures of life and look for the real treasures, not using mobile for long, controlling the cravings of taste buds as there are no Dominos, Pizza huts, McDonalds, KFCs, Fancy Buffets…. No Movie Theaters, No current affairs, or Bollywood gossips….
As we go farther from home we realise that one doesn’t need much to live. There are distractions that keep us from the finer things in life. The day one learns to enjoy basic elements of all composition …..the Wind, Sea and Earth …. life would be so much simpler. Because as one says, best things in life are free. All one needs is a ….. “A Tall Ship, Fair Winds and a Star to Steer her by”.
What more could you ask for if you had an amazing team to share this with. As what we have here is the company of an amazing group of men. We work and toil together, we play together, we laugh together. It is these bonds formed in this life of hardship and adventure that will last forever.

Group Laughing during Sea Trainees Variety Entertainment Programme

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