Monday, 29 June 2015

Crossing the Greenwich Meridian


Date/Time: Day 61
Location: Greenwich Meridian
Distance Run: 6354 Nm

              As we finish two months of Lokayan 15, one can’t help but reminisce over the Grand Sendoff Ceremony organised for us on Berth S-1 at Kochi. While we bid adieu to families and friends, there in the crowd, were those few who had been a part of our preparation for Lokayan 15, over the last four months.

Departure Ceremony for Lokayan 15
It was Early December and we had just returned from a two month voyage to Oman, UAE and Bahrain. The ship had entered a Short Refit and the aim was to prepare her for an Eight month long voyage. The Defect Lists, thus, could in no way be all encompassing. The scope of work and the time available were, unrealistic, to say the least.
                           Dry Dock during Short Refit 15
                                      In the Gulf Of Aden
Two months have gone by and as we cross the Greenwich Meridian tonight, it is thanks to the hard work, toil and relentless support of those left behind that we sail on, towards the Atlantic.
                         Crossing the Greenwich Meridian
We celebrated the completion of Two months and crossing of Greenwich Meridian with an Intermast cultural evening followed by a Barakhana. The theme of the celebrations was dedicated to “The Ones Left Behind”.
We thus dedicate this evening to the likes of outgoing EXO (Lt Cdr Ashwath Mythreya) and sailors who knew that they would not be a part of this voyage but ensured that the ship was ready. We dedicate the evening to the Command Staff who have agreed to all the ship’s demands and always responded with an ever resounding YES. We dedicate the evening to those in the Yard because of whose efforts, after 6354 Nautical Miles (by Captain’s Log), we still sail Full and By.
 Today we dedicate the celebrations to those left behind. Because we realise that Lokayan 15 is not just about Tarangini and the 79 of us onboard.
Lokayan 15 is about each and every one from Delhi to Kochi who has been and is a part of this Voyage.
Lokayan 15 is about our ability to Prepare and Sustain a ship for an eight month and 17000 Nautical Miles voyage overseas.
For we truly are a Blue Water Navy today.

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