Thursday, 21 May 2015


INS Tarangini, Indian Navy’s first Sail Training Ship (STS) was built in Goa Shipyard and was commissioned on 11 Nov 97. The name Tarangini is derived from the word ‘Tarang’ meaning waves, thus Tarangini means ‘The One That Rides The Waves’. The ship is a ‘Three-Masted Barque’ signifying that she is a square rigged on Fore and Main mast and fore and aft rigged on Mizzen mast. The vessel is steel hulled with an aluminium deckhouse and teak wood interiors. She is built for worldwide operations and carries 20 sails with a total sail area of about 1000 square meters and has steamed over 1,85,000 nautical miles since commissioning. A total of 190 ropes run across her length of 54 meters and height of 36.5 meters. The ship has excellent endurance and can remain at sea continuously for a period of over 20 days.

            The primary role of the ship is to foster time honoured virtues of courage, camaraderie, endurance and espirit-de-corps in officer cadets embarking onboard. The ‘Tall Ship’ as she is popularly known believes that training onboard these ships is the best method of instilling among the trainees the indefinable. ‘Sea-sense’ and respect for elements of nature which are inseparable from safe and successful seafaring. Tarangini provides an ideal setting for first-hand experience of the natural elements by imparting training which includes watch-keeping and sail manoeuvres.

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